Gilbert W. Bassett, Jr.


Department of Finance

University of Illinois at Chicago

2115 University Hall
Tel: 312-996-5777

University of Pennsylvania, BS
University of Michigan, PhD

Brief Bio:
Gib Bassett is Emeritus Professor of Finance and Economics at UIC. He is a co-developer of quantile regression, which was recognized by the Journal of Economic Perspectives as one of the most significant advances in economics in the past 50 years. He is the founding director of the International Center for Futures and Derivatives at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His research has appeared in many journals, including Econometrica, American Statistical Association, Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Financial Econometrics, Risk Analysis, and Theory and Decision. He worked at the Chicago Union Stock Yards, a summer job while in college, recording prices from the ticker tape to a blackboard; before markets opened, he sorted live hogs delivered to the stockyards overnight. He received the BS degree from the University of Pennsylvania and PhD from the University of Michigan.


Areas of Interest:
Financial Markets
Energy and Environmental Economics
Decision, Risk, Voting
Statistics and Sports

The Chicago Exchanges Class

  • The Chicago Exchanges features presentations by leaders of financial exchanges and trading firms discussing the history and future role of financial exchanges in the global economy. The course will be offered in the first half of the Fall 2022 Semester. Speakers will come from the Cboe, the CME, Quant Hedge Funds, Bitcoin Advisors, the author of Zero Sum Game, and others.
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